Title: Firmware Engineer
Firmware engineer will work with Nolan management, Nolan hardware engineers, and Nolan customers to architect and design firmware solutions for a variety of Bluetooth related projects. Detailed responsibilities as below:
1. Work on all development cycle phases, including analysis, design, coding, and testing phase for Bluetooth firmware.
2. Participate in Bluetooth device driver development for various OS platforms, such as WinCE, Palm OS, Symbian, etc.
3. Participate in Bluetooth firmware development for various Bluetooth related products.

1. A Bachelor or Master degree in Computer related fields.
2. Good written and oral communications skills in English and Chinese, CET-4 or above are must.
3. Proficient in C/C++, data structures & algorithms is must.
4. Good low-level system software knowledge.
5. Direct experience with the embedded operating systems is expected, such as uC-linux, Symbian, and etc.
6. Experience in Bluetooth firmware or software development is preferred.
7. Excellent communication abilities, which ensure we get key requirements from customers in a short time.
8. Good team worker.