Wireless Solutions Provider

Founded in 2005, Nolan Systems is a dedicated "Wireless Solutions Provider" specializing in providing leading-edge wireless technology to the world. Nolan Systems has operations in North America and Asia and maintains a comprehensive sales network around the world.

As a comprehensive "Wireless Solutions Provider", Nolan Systems offers a variety of technology applications and solutions to wirelessly connect electronic devices seamlessly utilizing advanced wireless standards such as Bluetooth (TM) and IEEE 802.11.

The company's flagship product is a series of advanced Bluetooth (TM) modules that can be integrated into almost any electronic device, providing the OEM with a simple and affordable method of enabling their products with Bluetooth (TM) technology. In addition, Nolan offers a diverse range of Bluetooth (TM) enabled product-level applications that are ready for the OEM customer to market.

Nolan¡¦s commitment to wireless technology is backed by a team of talented engineers and development specialists dedicated to designing advanced wireless applications and products. This commitment extends not only to the careful attention to detail and quality in each of Nolan's products but also to full technical support and backup provided to Nolan's customers.

At the dawn of this new era in wireless communications, Nolan Systems is well on its way to becoming a successful industry leader in advanced wireless solutions.